Shadow Boxes

When you decide to frame an object or a piece of artwork in a shadow box you are changing it in many ways. The piece now has an importance unto its own. By placing it under glass in a shadow box frame it is transformed into a treasure that invites you to take a closer look. You could be framing a precious memento like a war medal, or just an object of nature like a pine cone or a butterfly! You would be amazed at how this method can amplify the beauty and simplicity of the object.

Of course framing the item in this way may not always create an aesthetic appeal. Just as the shadow box encourages you to look more closely at the item, it can just as easily focus your attention on its flaws. Your custom picture framer should be able to point out any potential problems when it comes time to frame your item.
Every object does have its own problems to solve regarding attaching or mounting the item in the frame. As always, the number one rule is to make sure that the method used is reversible and causes little or no damage to the item.
Shadow boxing is a very effective way to bring a 2 dimensional image to life. For instance, framing old photographs this way not only showcases your memories in an unusual and striking presentation, but it lets you notice the medium too. The paper the image is printed on has its own beauty and history to be admired.


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  1. Erik Liekoski
    April 24, 2007

    Wow! Now for sure we need to take a trip to Vancouver, posters in hand. I’ve got about 15 concert posters I need to have done. Think you can help? Do you deliver to LA?



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