I felt so lucky to have found Chantelle and Frame of Mind! The work she does is beautiful and she is such a pleasure to deal with. The awards she framed for us turned out so great, I ended up getting posters framed as thank you gifts for our contributors. I look forward to working with Chantelle again!”

Kirstin Richter 1st hired Chantelle for art in 2008

Chantelle is the best. She is very knowledgeable about fine art and conservation–especially old and delicate works. I take all my pictures to Frame of Mind”

Sandra Lockwood 1st hired Chantelle for framing 2000


Chantelle has been framing my work for 20 years and a lot of it. Her work is beautiful and always compliments and showcases my work perfectly to the point that I always received comments on the framing from viewers. She has a keen eye for aesthetics and great technical skills as well. I have always recommended her to many of my peers and clients.”

Heather Aston (Artist / Printmaker) 1st hired Chantelle as a framer in 1991


Chantelle has an amazing eye and I have always been delighted in her framing so much in fact I just let her do what she deems perfect. I have used her for many years and would not dream to go anywhere else. She is highly respected in the art world and has a fab reputation. She is always professional, respects any budget concerns and her turn around time is fast. She also is a delightful woman to deal with!!!!’”

Carlotta Richie (Collector) 1st hired Chantelle for framing in 1997


Chantelle provides a rare service among framers: she cares about her work and the results speak for themselves. I would recommend Chantelle to all artists as she has taken framing to the level of fine art.”

Rubina Rajan (Artist) 1st hired Chantelle in 2005


Chantelle actually has all the attributes you list above. I have been in the Art world for 30 years in Vancouver Toronto and Montreal and Chantelle is the best framer my Art Gallery and Consulting firm have ever used. Her work is outstanding: creative, reliable, and reasonably priced. My clients are at the upper end of the market and are very discerning and demanding:- Chantelle has always exceeded their expectations and mine. On top of her qualities as a professional framer she has the most wonderful smile, and a lovely and patient disposition. I wouldn’t HESITATE to Highly Recommend her…..”

Patrick Doheny (Art Consultant) 1st hired Chantelle as a Museum Framer in 1992


When I first stepped into her shop, I knew I came to the right place: high quality and beautiful work! Her frames and images look as if they were meant to be.”

Kumiko Bruecker 1st hired Chantelle for Framing in 2008


Chantelle Harding of Frame of Mind Fine Art & Framing provides excellent service and conducts her business in a very professional manner. She is reliable, pleasant to deal with, and meticulous in her work. As an artist, I particularly appreciate the careful manner in which she handles my artwork. I recommend her highly”

Catherine Stewart (Artist/Printmaker)1st hired Chantelle as framing of fine art in 2002


Chantelle was recommended to me in 1999 by an artist who confided that ‘all the artists would only have their exhibition work framed by her and no one else!’. And for the past 9 years I have used her company, it has been with good reason: she is creative, personable, reliable and has a tremendous eye for color and composition having an artist background herself. I would not use anyone else to frame additions to my collection, even when the works have to send from Vancouver Island to Vancouver. Frame of Mind provides great service where art work and framing become one. I would highly recommend Chantelle.”

Gerry Backeland (Collector) 1st hired Chantelle for Framing in 1999<


We have used Chantelle for at least 40 pieces and have always been extremely happy with her work. Chantelle has great intiution for creating the right setting for any art – she has dealt with photos, posters, prints, oil, watercolours and some really odd stuff in a wide variety of styles and has consistently delivered great results. Plus Chantelle is a lovely person to work with. We highly recommend working with her.”

Jeffrey Kearney (Collector) First hired Chantelle for Art Framing in 2005


I have trusted Chantelle with my most precious art pieces. She is talented, kind and creative. I highly recommend her!”

Carolyn Allain First hired Chantelle in 2003


Chantelle’s Frame of Mind is a great one stop shop for all of my framing needs. Her creative eye ensures that the custom framing brings out the best in every piece”

Scott Ellis 1st hired Chantelle for Custom Framing in 1998


Chantelle is a true artist. She brings a keen eye and a discerning mind to her work. In all instances in which we engaged her, her professionalism and her artistry shown through in the finished product. She is the only art framer that we will trust with our original paintings and limited edition prints.”

Ken Lee  Hired Chantelle for Art Framing in 2006


There’s a reason why Vancouver Magazine profiled Chantelle’s company Frame of Mind as the best custom framing shop in Vancouver recently. As an artist herself, Chantelle understands how to frame art or photos in ways that showcase the work elegantly and suit the environment it will be displayed. She always treats you like her favourite customer and your art like it was an original Picasso. I’ll never get important pieces framed anywhere else again.”

Mark Busse 1st hired Chantelle for Custom Framing in 2005


Chantelle is skilled, educated, honest, sincere and passionate in her work.”

Jacqueline Longstaffe (Collector) 1st hired Chantelle in 2002


Chantelle is extremely professional. It is always a joy to come into her business and be greeted with a warmth that flows through to the entire process of her work. We have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship for more than 8 years! My, my where does the time go?”

Mira Malatestinic (Collector) 1st hired Chantelle as a framer in 2003


If you want something special framed, there is nobody better than Chantelle and Frame of Mind to take care of it. Not only is she a delight to work with, but she is able to take a photograph, poster, keepsake or work of art and showcase it in the most flattering way. I know, because she has taken care of all of these things for me. When you choose something beautiful for your wall, it isn’t finished until it’s framed.”

David Ray 1st hired Chantelle for framing in 1999


Chantelle is always my first choice when it comes to framing both my photographs and the art that I purchase. She exudes a warmth of character and consistently provides a product that exceeds expectations. Her professionalism is evident in the way she brings options to the table, followed by up-front and accurate estimates for every job. I highly recommend Chantelle to anyone looking for the best available framer in Vancouver.”

Bill Derksen (Photographer) 1st hired Chantelle as a framer in 2003


I can always count on Chantelle for exceptional framing that is professional and creative.”

Samantha Walker (Photographer) 1st hired Chantelle for Framing in 2007


Chantelle has an amazing eye for creating the perfect presentation for a work of art, be it an original painting, print, photograph or even 3D models. We hired Chantelle on a recommendation of a local Vancouver gallery and have never been disappointed with her work. She is incredibly creative, very easy to work with and her high standard of work is excellent value. We will continue to take all of our framing requirements to her.”

Ceri Cornwall 1st hired Chantelle in 2003


Chantelle has a good eye and can offer a variety of framing strategies. She is pleasant to deal with and I recommend her whole-heartedly.”

Val Nelson (Artist/Printmaker)1st hired Chantelle for Fine Art framing in 2003


Chantelle has completed several framing projects for me and I highly recommend her work.”

Darryl Condon (Collector) 1st hired Chantelle for Art framing in 2008


I have hired Chantelle for both personal and client framing projects. She has consistently exceeded my expectations and provided innovative solutions for challenging projects.”

Nancy Stern (Architect) 1st hired Chantelle as a Framer in 2005


Chantelle beautifully framed several pieces of art for me!”

Tomas Hicks 1st hired Chantelle for framing in 2009